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YEZITRONIX Group Inc. (YGI) is internationally recognized by ultrasound system builder giants worldwide as a state of the art provider of medical phantom technology.

YEZITRONIX Group Inc. has elevated the competition few steps further by developing an advanced Multi-Component Tissue Mimicking Phantom construct.

The material of the new Phantom technology not only generates correct 3D morphology for human tissues and mimics ultrasound imaging properties, but also generates the tissue's mechanical properties for needle piercing applications.

Yezitronix' most advanced Medical Phantoms accurately mimic human tissue :

  • Exact Ultrasound echogenicity as seen by surgeons during OR procedure.

  • Exact 3D shape and size.

  • Phantom's tissue mechanical properties are approximated to the corresponding human tissue.

  • When pierced by a needle, a multi-layer phantom construct will generate a "Haptic Feedback (tactile)" to the user, simulating the real human tissue's mechanical properties during biopsy or Brachytherapy procedures.

Prostate phantom - Exact Ultrasound ecogenicity as seen by surgeons in the Operating Room

Prostate phantom, Urethra and Ejaculatory Duct -Exact 3D shape and size

Yezitronix' most advanced Medical Phantoms lead the industry :

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