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End Fire Prostate Phantom

Most Accurate Prostate Phantom & Surrounding Tissues Mimicking Device for Ultrasound Applications

Yezitronix' radioactive seeds implantation Model S-B-2.3 Ultrasound Prostate Phantom is a multiple usage phantom developed for simulation and training for brachytherapy procedures.

Its ingenious and versatile design makes the S-B-2.3 model a useful tool for simulation and training of different ultrasound rectal probes and surgical elements involved in prostate medical procedures.

The prostate phantom construct mimics the exact 3D shape and size of:

40cc Prostate
Seminal vesicle
Ejaculatory duct
Rectal wall
Partial bladder
Fat muscle tissues
Perineal Tissue
Numerous lesions located inside the prostate.

All organs & tissues are correctly adjusted to mimic exact ultrasound echogenicity seen by surgeon during OR procedures.
Suitable for:
OEMs. medical devices simulation, robotic system calibration, hospitals, clinics, med schools training and demonstrations.

Yezitronix' most advanced Medical Phantoms lead the industry :

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